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The Reluctant Debutante

written by William Douglas Home
directed by David Cole
21 to 31 August 2002

An astringent but affectionate look at the 'Social Season' that prevailed right through to the early 1960s in most cosmopolitan cities in the western world.... A mad whirl of parties and dances with the prime purpose of landing a suitable man. The Reluctant Debutante, a New York and London smash hit has been described as " of the most elegant, wittiest and funniest plays of the 20th century ..."
Jimmy Broadbent
Denys Hoskins
Sheila Broadbent
Jane Broadbent
Yvonne Hilsz
Mabel Crosswaite
Clarissa Crosswaite
Kate Rylatt
David Bulloch
David Hoylake-Johnston
Jonathan Whittaker
Mrs. Edgar