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The Farm

6 to 16 November 2002

The Farm follows the fortune of a local Manawatu farming couple, Jim and Maggie Greene. Jim has tried everything in the farming industry from possum farming to goat farming. He even tried wind farming but a strong easterly saw his dreams sail over the ranges. Nothing seems to fit with Jim but he always sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Now the farm is on its last legs and it looks like this year they may have to sell more than the odd block of land to get by. Not even Jim's creative accounting can save them.

Just in time two Russian tourists arrive on an adventure holiday but in desperate need of rest and recreation, and Jim's latest scheme is born - the farm stay. But it's not as easy as it seems. Both couples have to deal with a new culture, and besides, the Russians seem to have a dark secret.

This is New Zealand in the 90s. Tim and Maddie run a hill country farm in the Manawatu. Into this bucolic idyll, fate thrusts Konstantin and Tatyana and thereafter the story moves in bizarre directions. the affinities are with Tom Sharpe ('Wilt', 'Blott on the Landscape') and the overall impact never less than exceedingly funny. David Geary's best known stagework is 'Jack Lovelock's Dream Run'.