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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

dramatised by Dale Wasserman

November 6 - 15 @ 8pm
Matinees Sun 9th & Sat 15th @ 2pm
No show Monday 10th

Rather than spend his time in jail, McMurphy convinces the law that he's crazy enough to need psychiatric care and is sent to a hospital. This, he soon learns, is a mistake; as he clashes with the head nurse. He leads the others out of introversion, stages a revolt, and arranges a rollicking midnight party with liquor and chippies. The consequence of his actions comes in the form of a severe decision by the head nurse.

In 1954 an American, Ken Kesey, wrote a novel entitled 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest' which was made into a film, with Louise Fletcher and Jack Nicholson. It shattered box office records all over the world and had patrons returning again and again. It took 9 coveted 'OSCARS' including Best Picture.

Welcome to the twilight, claustrophobic world of Cuckoo's Nest.