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The Winter's Tale

7 to 16 June 2012 at 8pm
Matinees Sunday 10 and Saturday 16 June at 2pm
No show Monday 11 June

"A sad tale's best for winter: I have one of sprites and goblins."

A jealous husband tears apart his own kingdom when he falsely accuses his wife of adultery with his childhood friend. In his foolishness and rage he loses his wife, his son, and his newborn. Time passes, the seasons change. Seeds are planted for reunion, redemption, and rebirth.

A magical tale exploring the cycles of human life, the destructive capacity of jealousy and the struggle for understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation. And a bear.
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An interview with Bruce Brown, Director:
Why The Winter’s Tale?
I’ve been familiar with The Winter’s Tale for years. I read it while I was studying. The Winter’s Tale gives you the highs of drama and tragedy and then a second half with a lot of comedy. Some scholars think that it is a problem play, because it combines the two, but I think it’s what makes it a great play. I also love working on material that views humans as flawed individuals. There is a strong message in the play that even though we might do terrible unforgettable things, there is always a chance for redemption for us all.

Shakespeare has been neglected for some years. Do you think this production is part of a revival?
I think it’s osmosis. This year there seems to be a lot of Shakespeare productions. London even has a huge festival on due to the Olympics. And Shakespeare is a good safe bet, sometimes. However I don’t think that it’s a revival if you do it the same as it’s been done before. It’s a revival if you challenge yourself, the material, your cast and even Shakespeare. Shakespeare has been done to death in the past by always being done the same way. I think that people who know the play will have a few surprises with this production.

What are your goals for this production?
I will be extremely chuffed that I have directed my first full-length production and my first Shakespeare production before I turn 26 later this year. I want to challenge audiences’ expectations, to challenge how people see Shakespeare, not just as ‘men in tights’ and inaccessible. But I mainly want to work with a great group of actors who are as passionate about this material as I am.