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AMI Ellerslie One Act Play Festival 2007

Group A

Dooley . The Summer People . The Worm Turns
Thu 16 Aug, Sat 18 Aug, Wed 22 Aug, Fri 24 Aug, 8pm
Matinee . Sat 25 Aug, 2pm


written by Harry C Cronin
directed by Lianne Stanners

Harry Cronin’s ‘Dooley’ is a challenging drama based on the true story of much decorated Navy Officer, Dr Thomas Dooley, who served his country during the early stages of the Vietnam conflict.

DooleyDavid Steadman
CarrollJustin Lee

The Summer People

written by Stanley E Hyman
directed by Trevor Sai Louie

A drama set around a lakeside summerhouse, in a village in New England. A retired couple owns the property and uses it for summer vacations. They have decided that they have no reason to return to New York therefore they would stay on after Labour Day. The villagers find it hard to come to terms with this – it is not the done thing.

Robert AllisonKenneth Porter
Janet AllisonJenny Soden
Mr BabcockKelvin Castor
Tilda BabcockMargaret Hogan
Charley WalpoleAshton Brown
Mrs LarkinJocelyn Harwood
Mr WithersLeo Boyd

The Worm Turns - Play Two

written and directed by Lucy White

The Worm Turns’ is about two sisters and the grudge that comes between them. Family squabbles over money can bring out a person’s real nature. By the end of the play ‘the worm’ has well and truly turned.

PippaChristina MacKenzie
RozElaine Spearman
RexBarrie Graham
Bank ManagerSteve Clerk

Group B

Medusa's Trap . Musadora . Zoo Story
Fri 17 Aug, Tue 21 Aug, Thu 23 Aug, Sat 25 Aug, 8pm
Matinee . Sun 19 Aug, 2pm

Medusa's Trap

written by Erik Satie
directed by Carolyn Flint

This piece is set in Paris just prior to the onset of WW1. A young suitor, ASTOLFO, calls on BARON MEDUSA, to ask if he can marry FRISETTE, the Baron’s foster daughter. Throughout the play the Baron keeps having bizarre conversations with the poor young man, constantly dismissing him from his presence with no answer to the question of marriage, telling him to return “later”! The Baron decides to set a trap (which in itself is quite odd and without meaning!) to see whether the young ASTOLFO really likes him or not!
Under this plays a subplot of the relationship between Medusa and his long time, and long suffering servant POLYCARPE. The servant has arranged to go to a billards match on the very evening the Baron wanted to entertain his friend General Posthumous. So ensues an ongoing banter between these two as events unfold.

Baron MedusaWheldon Curzon-Hobson
PolycarpeBarry Herrold
AstolfoCharles Louwrens
FrisetteEmily Jones
Mr JonasImogen McGill


written and directed by Maggie Maxwell

From Maggie’s second novel ‘Fragments from a Figment’ came the idea for a full-length play ‘Musadora’ and from that came a ten minute adaptation for the Ellerslie One Act Play Festival. ‘Musadora means ‘Gift of the Muses’. Maggie says “I hope you will enjoy your brief time in the company of Miranda, my Muse; Hannah, my Nom de Plume; and Annie, that most necessary adjunct to a writer’s life; her Keeper of Bodily Comforts.”

AnnieShirley Eliott
HannahRae Ryan
MirandaDonna Verey

Zoo Story

written by Edward Albee
directed by Chrissy Hodkinson

‘The Zoo Story’ is a harrowing depiction of a young man alienated from the human race – a searing story of loneliness and the desperate need for recognition that builds to a violent shattering climax.

JerryMike Borgfeldt
PeterColin Hodkinson

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Ticket prices:
Evening$20$18 discount
Matinee$15$12 discount
Group A & B evening$30$27 discount