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Alan J. Thomson

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Alan hails from Yorkshire and started acting in 2014, in Murder on the Nile, closely followed by eight others including Itís Never Too Late, Blackadder, and Fire on the River last year. He is an avid gardener, squash player and artist. Every play has been so different and Festen is invigorating with its dark but entertaining theme. Alan loves this role as Poul, living life on his own trajectory and oblivious to the mayhem around the dinner table.

Alan has been acting since 2014, and this is his second appearance at Ellerslie, after Festen (2017). Other roles, just this year, have been a police officer, an English dandy from 1893 and a stuffy butler. Portraying Underwood, a creep from Miss Shepherdís past, has been an experience, Alanís natural goodness contrasting with this rude, abrupt character, albeit with some endearing lines.

For Ellerslie TheatreThe Lady in the Van (2018)Underwood
Festen (2017)Poul