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Drew May

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This is Drew’s second outing at ETS after the May 2006 play ‘Female Transport’. He has had his sights set on this play for well over a year now and couldn’t let the opportunity of a lifetime slip away to appear in one of his favourite screenplay adaptations of all time. He feels it an honour to grace the stage again and with such a dynamic cast and crew. Being no stranger to the amateur dramatics scene, with performances dating back well over a 14 year period, ‘Shadowlands’ and ‘Masterpieces’ with Howick Little Theatre, ‘Houseguest’ and ‘And Then There were None’ with Dolphin, Drew eagerly awaits the energy and intensity that ‘Cuckoo’ will provide. He hopes you enjoy the show as much as he and the cast have enjoyed performing it for you as he says it’s nice to go a bit ‘cuckoo’ every now and then.

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