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Colin Hodkinson

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'Survivor' Colin has appeared in several ETS productions as well as his memorable roles in the ever popular Murder Mystery Dinners. In 2005 Colin won Joint Award for Best Actor (with Mike Borgfeldt) as Fred in ETS‘s production of Soldier‘s Song at the Norfolk Island One Act Play Theatre Festival. In 2006 he gave a notable cameo performance in “The Lady‘s Not For Burning” for ETS and in 2007 told a harrowing graveyard tale as Jim in “The Weir”. Also in 2007 he again won best actor at the Norfolk festival for his portrayal of Peter in “The Zoo Story”. Earlier this year, Colin played the role of a different Peter, appearing in “Where There’s a Will...”. 'Jayne with a Y' This is Colin’s directorial debut with the Ellerslie Theatrical Society if one discounts his work with the Murder Dinners.  He has assisted in a number of plays in past years at other theatre groups notably the New Zealand Forces Gibraltar Theatre in Singapore when New Zealand forces were stationed there.  Colin has thoroughly enjoyed “Jayne With a Y” but admits it is a lot harder directing than acting.  He adds that being able to pull his cast almost straight out of that great black comedy “Where There’s a Will...”, staged at Stables as the first play this year, was a big help.  “When you start with a close knit team, who are also a great cast, it’s pretty hard to muck it up.  Add the ETS professional tech crew to that and it’s been a delight”.

For Ellerslie TheatreJayne with a Y (2009)director
Survivor (2009)Man
Doubt: A Parable (2009)construction manager
Where There's A Will... (2009)Peter
Where There's A Will... (2009)production manager
Where There's A Will... (2009)set builder
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (2008)Ruckly
Confidence Tricksters (2008)set builder
Theft (2007)set builder
The Weir (2007)Jim
The Lady's Not For Burning (2006)Matthew Skipps
Not Now Darling (2006)Arnold Crouch
Soldier's Song (2005)Fred
Ritual For Dolls (2004)Golly
Major Barbara (2003)Peter Shirley
The Farm (2002)James 'Jim' Greene
The Handyman (2000)Detective Constable Mather