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Aditya Maharaj

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Aditya Maharaj always had a passion for music and performing. His first chance to put them together began during his high school years. Taking part in a handful of musicals and plays. In 2002, at the start of his tertiary education, he decided to follow up on television commercials and minor roles in NZ dramas and shows. He took up night classes at Studio 111 with Sally Spencer Harris to help build confidence and skills. At the end of 2007 Aditya reached a cross road, to either continue through the acting path, or the music. He chose music and began singing in an Auckland rock band. One year on and a few member changes, they formed Mile High (www.milehighband.com) at the beginning of 2009. To this current time they have gained success with recordings, radio play on The Rock 'Off the Record' & The Rock 1000. Performances on TV3 sunrise & The Big Night In, and just recently a spot on the 2010 Big Day Out. Still knowing he has a lot of hard yards a head with the band, Aditya decided to take on this opportunity to play Akthar in The History Boys, for a change in scenery and rekindle his enjoyment for acting.

For Ellerslie TheatreThe History Boys (2010)Adil Akthar