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The Ellerslie Festival of One Act Plays 2017


Saturday 10 June 2017 10:0 am
Six plays have been selected for the Festival. Four require cast and the auditions are as follows. Please note that ages are guidelines only. Not all plays are auditioning from 10am. Please check the details for each play below or contact the director to book an appointment time.

Commence Monday 19 June 2017 and are week evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Thursday 24 August to Saturday 2 September 2017 - 5 performances of each play including 1 matinee.

For more information, or a copy of the script, please contact the Director for each play.


PERFORMING - a comedy - premiere – Audition at 10.00am
Written by David Blakey and directed by Daryl Wrightson
Community theatre brings many people together…. this isn’t always a good thing…. Egos, Envy, Love, Lust, Missed Lines, Mishearing and Mayhem unfold back stage.
Daryl's contact details: - 027 662 5890

Cast Required:
Rob - male - 50 to 60
Jane - female - 30 to 40
Dave - male - 30 to 50
Stage Manager - male/female - any age
Carl - male - 20 to 25
Noreen - female - 20 to 25

Please download this pdf PERFORMING for a full copy of the audition notes. Or for more information email

WHILE THE CIRCUS PASSES - Audition at 10.00am
Written by Isobel Lowman and directed by Jocelyn McQuaid
From the past comes a letter, a temptation, a chance to recapture lost love - if she’s brave enough.
Jocelyn’s contact details: - 09 626 3070

Cast Required:
Myself (the wife) – female – 25 to 30 - pleasant, tense
My Habitual Self – female – older – grim, forbidding martinet
Myself-when-young – female – teen to 25 - determined
My Secret Self - 25 to 30 - a ‘doer’, very attractive. Need to sing ‘The Raggle Taggle Gypsies’
My Unborn Self - teen to 25 - anxious to be free
My Timid Self - 25 to 30 - unsure, jittery
Sam (the husband) - 40 to 50 - ‘pink and pompous’

Please download this pdf WHILE THE CIRCUS PASSES for a full copy of the audition notes. Or for more information email

CHOOK CHOOK - a comedy - Audition at 10.00am
Written by Fiona Farrell and directed by Chrissy Hodkinson
In a battery farm for hens, Valmai, Chrissy, Georgia and Bron live in ‘compartments’ and eat the same food day after day under the same continuous ‘sun’.
Chrissy’s contact details: - 027 664 4261

Cast Required:
Valmai – female - 30s to 50s - the eldest, ’Infomercial Queen’, shy, reticent, sensitive, emotional and receptive
Chrissy – female - 20s - the youngest, thin, full of instinctual longing
Georgia – female - 30 to 40 - the sensible one, likes structure and organization
Bron - female - 30 to 40 - the rebel, high energy, ‘suffragette’, adventurous

Please download this pdf CHOOK CHOOK for a full copy of the audition notes. Or for more information email

HER STORY - premiere - Audition at 12.30pm
Written and directed by Mary Granfors
Hazel, a strong-willed, feisty resident of Bedford Manor Nursing Home strikes up a relationship with a mysterious angel who is the key to helping her carry out her deepest wish.
Mary’s contact details: - 021 781 962

Cast Required:
Hazel - female - 65+ - smart, strong-willed, not afraid to speak her mind. American accent.
Maddie - female - 65+ - big personality, feisty and lovable. Strong American southern accent.
Nurse - female - 25+ - Perky, positive, big-hearted caregiver. Irish accent.
Kai - male - 30+ - newly resettled refugee. Witnessed horrendous brutalities but is calm, gentle, loving and wise. Think: Nelson Mandela.

Please download this pdf HER STORY for a full copy of the audition notes. Or for more information email For enquiries between 21-28 May please contact Kathy Walker on email

Wardrobe, props, pa's, stage hands, operators required. Enquiries to Anna Adam on 021 137 4936 or email

No characters are listed for this production.

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